Best cities to work in Europe in 2023

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Want to work in Europe but don’t know which city would be best for you? We’ve got you!  Europe is a vast, diverse and culturally amazing continent. It has one of the most exciting cities in the world which offer a great environment and opportunities to live, work and study. Not only many start-ups are born and grown in Europe, but also big giant companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google and many others are expanding their business here considering that Europe is one of the old and rich continents of the world. For this reason, jobs have grown tremendously in the past years and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. To make your journey more smooth, interesting and easy, you can consider tech cities which are offering a great number of jobs in Europe. The top tech cities of Europe can provide you with a perfect work balance and help you blend with other people around the world.

Ready to know more about these European cities? We asked you told. So, here are the best European cities to work in 2023

1. Munich

As a major economic hub of Europe and the largest city in Bavaria, it is home to 11% of start-ups in Germany. On top of that, Munich also the headquarters of many big MNCs such as BMW, Siemens and Allianz. Modern Munich is not only known for its Oktoberfest but also its technology, tradition, cleanliness and safety. Whether you‘re looking for a niche start-up or to work in global organizations, Munich offers a plethora of work opportunities for you to work in. It is already home to more than 22,000 Information and communication companies. As the third-largest and most expensive city in Germany, salaries offered in Munich are the highest across Germany.

2. Eindhoven

Located in the Netherlands, Eindhoven is referred to as the fastest-growing tech city in Europe. Eindhoven is a heaven for those belonging to the IT and electronic field as it has infinite tech and design companies. This city is a great combination of top research facilities, smart people and a great entrepreneurship spirit. Furthermore, some great work opportunities can also be found in marketing, human resources, manufacturing, accounting and finance. The creative design sector also offers enormous opportunities for those who are seeking to expand their experience. Educators looking to work in Europe also have high scope in Eindhoven. This city was declared by Forbes as the most innovative city in the world in 2013. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start your own business, Eindhoven can be the best city for you, thanks to its wealth of opportunities and qualified workforce.

3. Berlin

Almost 31% of the German start-ups are located in Berlin and the year 2017, 70% of the total start-up investment was dedicated to Berlin-based companies. Berlin is not only the capital city of Germany but also the most talked-about start-up hub in Europe, having all the ingredients for a dynamic, entrepreneurial city. The cost of living in Berlin is very inexpensive. In fact, Berlin is one of the most affordable and cheap cities in Western Europe. The work opportunities here are in abundance because many innovative companies are always looking out for and recruiting top tech talents.

4. Amsterdam

One of the top reasons to work in Amsterdam is its high standard of living. The quality of the environment, water, employment, education and disposable income of Amsterdam is far better than any European city. One of the biggest advantages that highly skilled migrant employees get in the Netherlands is a 30% ruling tax advantage. For international, looking to develop their career, Amsterdam offers plenty of work opportunities and advantages. More than 3,600 foreign companies are established in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam and offer a variety of different job options to explore and choose from.

5. Hamburg

Hamburg is the wealthiest and second largest city of Germany with the highest GDP and employment rate in the country. This city hosts large MNCs that offer countless jobs. With extremely low unemployment rate, you’re bound to get job here. The work hours here are flexible and the employment benefits are enormous. Due to it’s strategic location, offices of giant companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Fintech and Microsoft. It is the most dense and active gaming cluster in Germany.

There are many great and exciting places to work in Europe and these are just a glimpse of some of the cities where you can take your career.

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FAQs About Best Cities To Work In Europe

Some of the best cities to work in Europe include London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Vienna, Dublin, and Barcelona.

The industries prevalent in these cities vary, but common ones include finance, technology, media and communications, healthcare, and hospitality.

The job market varies depending on the city and industry, but generally, these cities have robust job markets with many opportunities for skilled professionals

Cost-of-living expenses vary depending on the city, but generally, these cities are more expensive than other parts of Europe. However, salaries tend to be higher as well

Visa requirements vary depending on the city and your country of origin. Generally, you will need a work permit or visa to work legally in these cities.

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