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Psychometric Professional Skill Index Test

Know your Professional Skill Index!
And train your way to a brighter career

Psychometric Assessment for Professional Skills, helps you to identify your Professional Skill Index. A higher Professional Skill index suggests that a candidate is more likely to be successful in their chosen career.

Provides you personalized report, which will help you to understand your Professional Skill parameter. You can also showcase your report at the time of interview.

Psychometric Professional Skill Index Test

Know your Professional Skill Index!
And train your way to a brighter career

Professional Skill Selector

Psychometric Professional Skill Index Test Has :

  60 minutes of Duration

  80 Questions

  Instant Report

  4 Dimensions

  500+ Career Options

  1M+ Test Taken

  720+ Traits

  Lifetime Access

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Get Your 3 Ideal Career Recommendations list on basis of scientific data and 5 parameters. These are Motivators, Personality, Aptitude and Interests and your potential

How does Psychometric Professional Skill Index Test™ work?

Psychometric Professional Skill Index Test™ Benefits.

  • Psychometric Professional Skill Index report would help recruiters identify right candidate for a given post.
  • Psychometric Professional Skill Index is defined on scale of 10. a high Professional Skill Index, suggests that candidate is more likely to be successful in their chosen Occupation/Position.
  • A low Professional Skill Index is reflection of candidate's poor communication skills, lack of motivation, lack of integrity and ethics, Poor Management, Team Work and other employability skills.
  • This report helps in matching your activity choices, Presence of mind,specific real life work situation’s choice and a typical personality / image required as per different professional skills.

This report is very comprehensive lucid, and easy to understand and the results are displayed in the Table and Graphical forms.

Sample Psychometric Professional Skill Index Report


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Psychometric Professional skill index can be used to identify certain traits that are required in the career. When we think of a career, it is important to understand that no career exists in an isolation. In fact, man is a social animals and they need to live in association with the other individuals in order to function well.

Every work in the world requires or demands certain characteristics. Similarly, when an individual is planning to start their career there are certain characteristics required for the same to know how well the individual will be able to work in an organizational setting and how well they can work in harmony with their co-workers and other people in the organization.

This test (professional skill index) can be taken up by people who are recent graduates and post graduates and are looking for placements or jobs. This report will help the individual to realize where they lie in terms of their professional skill index and reports obtained can also help the individual to make desired changes in their attitude towards the work which can prove to be beneficial in terms of getting them a job.

Secondly, this test is also used by the organizations while recruiting the employees for their organization. It is usually seen that during the recruitment process the recruiters can only assess the overt traits of the individual and are unable to assess the covert traits which can be assessed by making using of professional skill index test. This test will yield the report about the employees that the organization.

Skill based index helps the individual to assess the various parameters, which are proved to be beneficial for any person working in the organizational settings.

There are 8 parameters which are assessed through this psychometric test, they are:

  1. Motivation: Determination, persistence and the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals are the things that employers are looking for.
  2. Leadership: One with good leadership quality is a problem solver, and does not run to his/her supervisor for every problem; small and big.
  3. Self-Management: A self-managed candidate is punctual as he/she is self-organized. This helps in smooth flow of work process.
  4. Team Work: A company grows only when all its people work together toward success of it. A person who gets along well with all co-employees creates less problem.
  5. Assertive and Energetic: Everyone wants to hire a forceful and confident person. Someone who is firm in what they talk, believe and decide can get a job done well.
  6. Extroversion: A communicative employee contributes better in the growth of the organization. Such candidates also are always full of ideas for the company.
  7. Honesty/Integrity: For a dishonest person work is not worship, but a medium to climb up the ladder and mint money. Being loyal to a company is equally important as is the quality of work. Such people can be trusted of not sharing confidential news.
  8. Anger and Stress Tolerance: Stress is a part of any work. And with it comes anger, but smart folks are those who take stress in stride and leave anger at home.

As we know, that every individual has a set of different personality, no two individuals can be same as the personality of the person is determined by the genetics that the individual possesses from their parents and from the environment that includes how the person has been nurtured and brought up in his/her respective environment.

If all the people would have been similar to each other, then the world would have been such a boring place to live in.

Now, that we know that all individuals are not similar to each other similarly it is understood that their traits will also tend to differ from each other in terms of intensity.

For example: Mr. A may not be good enough in handling the stress than his colleague Mr.B, but it is not necessary that Mr. A is not suitable enough to work in the setting of organization.

The only possibility here is that Mr. A should be made aware of the various traits and should be made work on them.

Every individual can learn and unlearn thing, if they are made to do it. Therefore, for an individual who has scored low can work on the various parameters and can try to excel in their overall professional skills.

Humans tend to grow and develop with every second, they tend to mature and change with every single second, minute and day.

When we take any psychometric psychometric test it is seen that the test yields the report about the person at the given moment.

But, as we mature and learn with every single second it does not mean that a huge amount of change can be noticed within us. Therefore, the psychometric report about an individual can be taken as a stable account for a long run.

But, it is usually recommended to go for a re-test after a period of around 6 months, in order to note if there exist any minute changes. It is not a mandatory process to opt for a re-test after a period of six months only people can also go for this test as per their convenience and their choice.

This test re-test can also help the individual to analyze if there exists any change due to improvement in the individual and to understand the progress rate of the person.

When we talk about skill- based index, it is a psychometric designed to yield the information how well an individual would do in an organizational settings. It helps to person to know about the innate characteristics which cannot be observed otherwise.

When an individual is about to get a job or are being placed within some organization, the only thing they fear the most is “will I be able to adjust to this new environment?” taking up a job is more of a challenging task, where the individual is uncertain about the challenges they will be facing and how well they will be able to take up these challenges.

When an individual takes this skill based index Psychometric test, it will enable the person to gain the insight about the traits they have and how well they will be able to make use of these traits to enhance the productivity of self as well as the organization they are into.

When an individual who is about to take up a position in the organization takes this test, they will be able to know their areas of strength which can be beneficial for the organization as well as they will get to know about the areas of weakness which may work as the source of hampering their productivity and on which they can start working from the given time.

The psychometric professional skill index generates the report on the basis of 8 parameters, which are considered to be essential and useful for any individual who aims to work in an organization.

An individual who scores high on all the parameters is considered to be an ideal person and is highly acceptable in the organizations, they tend to be the most preferred candidates in any organization as they come out to be really hard working.

Whereas, on the other hand the candidates who are medium or moderate on these parameters are those people who are preferred later in comparison to high scorers. They have certain traits and abilities which are required in an organization but are required to work on the other parameters as well.

Lastly, the low scorers are the least preferred individuals in an organization. They definitely need to work on their parameters to be acceptable in the working environment.

As, they are the least preferred, it becomes very difficult for the individuals falling in this category to survive and find a stable career for themselves.