Getting a Job Fast Requires Certain Skills, Not Just Education

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The search for a job is often an escape from the existential uncertainty and dissatisfaction in which people without work engagement find themselves. It happens that candidates who unsuccessfully apply for a job lose their self-confidence, thinking whether they are even capable of establishing an employment relationship or not. Constant rejections bring dissatisfaction that causes many to lose the will to pursue further.

Each announced job vacancy implies that the person applying for the job has certain abilities and knowledge that qualify him/her to perform basic work tasks. It is very important that candidates leave the impression that they will show focus and cognitive involvement in all aspects of business, which means initiative and entrepreneurship in future work.

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A professional approach is important, which will be reflected in the quality execution of delegated tasks within the given deadline, as well as the realization of adequate relations with clients and co-workers. The potential candidate knows how to identify problems and offer creative and innovative solutions.

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Practical Abilities Ahead of Theoretical Knowledge

Regular schooling offers a wide range of knowledge, which is also valued when applying for a job. While looking for a job, candidates are increasingly opting for informal courses where they acquire the necessary skills. Most candidates have an enviable level of theoretical knowledge, but it should be borne in mind that practical skills are developed in courses and education.

Informal education offers knowledge and skills that are currently relevant in the job market, skills for some deficient occupations, but also a large number of ‘soft skills that can be useful in any job.

For example, sales skills are something that will be difficult to acquire in the formal education system, but you can get them in many courses and education. Also, quality education provides many practical exercises and sharing experiences from practice, and such knowledge is more quickly applicable.

Progress-oriented and profit-oriented companies continuously carry out the process of education and training of employees from the first days of employment until entering high-ranking positions in the company’s hierarchy. Experience is gained step by step, but certain prior knowledge is desirable for the starting position.

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Depending on the position, certain skills may be required, such as negotiation and presentation skills in the sales positions or delegation and management skills in managerial positions… These types of skills are not learned during regular education and are necessary for successfully performing specific tasks.

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Candidates Need Professional Competencies

When it comes to narrowly specialized positions, candidates need professional competencies that are acquired at precisely prescribed types of training. Thus, for the job of an architect, in addition to graduating from college/faculty, it is necessary to know computer design programs such as AutoCAD or 3DS Max.

Hairdressers must be skilled in using tools – scissors, hairdryers, and hair straighteners. Without a perfect knowledge of the MS Office package, it is difficult to get a job as a salesman in any company or as a tipster in the top-rated bookmakers that can be found on the list of sports betting sites

The condition for establishing an employment relationship may be a category “B” driving license so that employees can visit potential and regular clients in a short period of time. However, there are job positions that are absolutely not related to driving a motor vehicle, but a driving license is still valued by employers.

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In other words, employers sometimes ask for it ‘just in case’ – for example, if it is necessary to visit a certain location or bring or take something, it is convenient that the employee has a license. In fact, such situations are very rare.

If it seems to the candidates that they will not drive a car at a certain job, and the employer is asking for a driving license, our advice is to apply anyway because that will probably not disqualify them. It is best to contact the employer and check if they really need you to have a driver’s license.

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Talent and Experience Can Be Crucial

In addition to professional knowledge for success in finding a job, skills that usually cannot be acquired in specialized training, but are acquired through life, are very important. For some candidates, they are simply innate. However, they usually come with time and experience that increases day by day. Experience increases self-confidence as one of the crucial factors for gaining personal reputation among co-workers, superiors as well as in the external environment.

Transferable or transversal skills are acquired throughout life via reading, education, and various social activities. They are universal and can be transferred to different types of businesses.

These qualities set you apart as professionals within your occupations. Soft skills represent one of the five categories that make up transferable skills.

They imply quality interpersonal relations and are a prerequisite for building the same in the work environment. These include listening skills, cooperation, leadership, presentation… Of the transferable skills, organizational and research skills, creative, analytical, and critical thinking should not be neglected.

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Digital Literacy Is One of the Most Important Conditions

Real estate agents must have a strong power of description and convincing performance. The talented commercialist is characterized by negotiating skills, successful lawyers have the power of observation and research, and consultants are adorned with the ability to present various options and opportunities for business success.

However, one of the main conditions for getting a job is knowing the basics of working on a computer. Even when the candidate does not aspire to get a position that involves working on a computer during all working hours, closeness to computer technology is simply a must.

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There is an increasing number of job positions that require at least a certain level of digital literacy, as well as the ability to learn new programs – which is easier if you have at least some beginner level. For example, bookkeeping used to be only paperwork, but today it is almost completely computerized and electronic.

This will be the case in the future with a large number of occupations, with the exception of pure physical jobs. That is why digital literacy is a great advantage when looking for a job and is in great demand.

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