Important interview tips for fresh graduates

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Graduation is an important transition in everyone’s life when you have freshly come out of college. Now every graduate needs a job. And we all get nervous before going to the interview. You feel very nervous, your heart is pounding and you think about how will you get selected in so many applications for those jobs. Countless people have applied for that job, all this question comes to mind and it’s very normal and obvious. Since as a fresh graduate you might not know about the job experience and lots of applications comes for the same job, even getting an interview call becomes tough. But once you get the call, it gives you hope for that job. However, it’s not that easy to pass the interview, but your confidence boosts up when you prepare well for the interview. The below article will help you in your interview.

5 interview tips for graduates

1. Know well about the company before you go

Most graduates did common mistakes. They forget to explore the organisation where they are going for an interview. It is very important for graduates to explore the organisation well and set up your arrangement of inquiries to pose to your interviewers. And this shows you as an interesting and eager candidate and they will consider you as a suitable material for their company. So, you should know everything about the organisation. It will give a good impact on you and they will get to know that you are beneficial for their company. And your selection chances get higher.

2. Discover your unique skills

There are a lot of different candidates out there, presumably with similar capabilities to you. So, you need to recognise your skills which make you different from others. Present your strength, coarseness, your innovative ideas which will help you a lot in the interviews. You should know how to handle your strength and weakness. Before going to interview, well aware of your skills. Remember, the organisation is looking for something unique and you have to become unique and shows them your skills.


3. Tackling interview questions

You should know well how to tackle interview questions. The interviewer can ask you any question related to your profession or based on inquiries planned to check your insight, abilities, and disposition. You may need to answer all the questions like how you can deal with pressure or a high pressure work pace, with confidence. You may have to give instances of how you handle such circumstances and which segment (of the three above) did you use to determine the issue/challenge. In that case, don’t get hesitant and nervous, just pretend that you are confident and you can answer any question, even if you don’t answer those questions, but still just stay calm and relax.

4. Use the experience that you have

In your college and school, you must have taken part in various functions. In your academe, you could use your extracurricular activities as job experience. You can say that you are active in activities and you have the experience to handle the good management time. And if you have not taken part in extracurricular activities, then you can tell them about your qualities which are related to the job. So, it is very important to show your experience your zeal for that job.

5. Keep away from fake or Generic answers

There is no standard to right to respond to any question. Keep in mind the interviewer sitting across from you has the plentiful experience, information and the point of view to choose what sort of candidate they need in their group. You ought to abstain from practising lines and offering conventional responses to normal inquiries. This is your chance to discuss your qualities, how you are an ideal choice for the work and what you can give them if they employ you. Be unique, modest, and certain.

Interview Cheat Sheet

So, the interview for new alumni is very tough. You need to work hard for that. But everything relies upon how seriously you need the work and why you trust you are an ideal choice for it.

By – Bharti Sharma

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