From Boring to Memorable: How to Reinvent Training With the Power of AI

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E-learning has become one of the most important training tools in any company’s stable. Yet many brands fail to capitalize on the true potential of this unique video, instead still imagining their training and onboarding processes as a classroom-style lecture, droning new hires into corporate compliance. How can you reinvent how you approach your training material to fully take advantage of digital advances? Let’s take a look.

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E-Learning Already Has an Advantage- If You Use It

Boring, predictable, and tired. The last thing any e-Learning session should be. Simply presenting content at your audience does not make a compelling lesson. Yet too many e-Learning opportunities make the same mistakes:

  • Passive, dull presentation with no involvement or challenge for the learner
  • Information overload

You can’t ‘make’ a person learn, but you can wipe out what demotivates them about the learning process and create an environment that encourages information retention! Need some ideas? Let’s look.

Don’t Just Reinvent the Old Wheel

You can’t just take what you used to do in a training session or two, slap it online, and call it a day. What works in-person, and in a traditional classroom, is not compelling with the added distance of online presentation. You’ve lost the ‘human factor’ that made that learning style tolerable, the immediate interaction that breathed life into the exercise. You need to recreate that, not create bland copies. On the plus side, learning to be a good online tutor can help boost your own career, too, so it’s a skill well worth learning.

Use Digital Tools, Skip Passive Learning

Seems obvious, right? Yet both coursework and presentations for corporate training fail to use the digital space well. Audio and Visual are two key components, but in a world where you can use an explainer video company to create compelling, realistic AI training, assign digital avatars to learners, and gamify technology and simulations, it’s not enough to just present bland slideshows and hope for the best. Create engaging learning scenarios, not lectures.

Passive learning is, honestly, boring. People check out, retaining the information as long as needed to pass a test, if that. When you actively engage the learner, you work together with them to deeply embed and transform the information into a living, breathing creature instead of a chore to power through.

Use Visuals and Connection

Again returning to the power of AI, it’s easier than ever to create meaningful visual delivery with a human face and the human touch behind it. There’s no excuse for the ‘wall of text’ approach to training. When instead combined with infographics, video instruction, images that communicate, diagrams, and other learning tools that appeal to all learning styles, you have a holistic educational approach that motivates the learner to retain information.

Ditch the Formality

We live in a world where even the most staid and dull accounting company has loosened its tie a little. There’s no need to be unprofessional, but the days of strict formality and glass ceilings between upper management and trainees are gone. Conversational, encouraging tones do a lot more to drive results than staid, fussy formality ever will. Don’t write to inform, write to engage and challenge.

E-Learning holds massive potential to create dynamic, engaging learning spaces, especially when coupled with the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Take this opportunity to create exciting learning experiences, and stay ahead of the competition from the get-go.

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