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Psychometric Skill Based Career Test for 9th

Know Your Skill Based Career

If you are thinking of learning a new skill or take up a vocational course take our Psychometric Skill based Career Test and find out where you can excel in a short time.

This report will help you understand where your interest lies. On this base this report gives you recommendation on career sector for choosing a skill based career. Choosing a skilling course and career based on the recommendation in this report will increase your likelihood of being more successful and doing better in your course, job and career. You can also take this report to a career counsellor and discuss it in detail

Psychometric Skill Based Career Test for 9th

Know Your Skill Based Career

Psychometric Skill Based Career Test Has :

  30 minutes of Duration

  40 Questions

  Instant Report

  4 Dimensions

  500+ Career Options

  1M+ Test Taken

  720+ Traits

  Lifetime Access

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How does Psychometric Skill Based Career Test work?

Psychometric Skill based Career test maps your interest based on the RIASEC theory providing you insight on which career shall be able to keep you interested and motivated.

  • RIASEC stands for Realistic (Doers), Investigative (Thinkers), Artistic (Creators), Social (Helpers), Enterprising (Persuaders), and Conventional (Organizers).
  • It is a representation of occupational interest based on personality type as formulated by psychologist John L. Holland.

This test report will map out your interest type and provide you with suggestions on which career sector you can flourish.

Sample Psychometric Skill Based Report


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Psychometric Skill based career test is designed for the individual who are willing to take up a career based on the skills that they possess. Every individual possesses a different set of skills, we define skill as the set of abilities and potential that an individual holds and if they make use of these skills in their career they may be more successful, satisfied and productive in their respective fields.

As we know that every individual has a different set of skills, these skills are defined by the internal factors such as the genes of the individual and by the external factors such as the environmental factors which tend to influence the individual as a whole.

When an individual tends to take up a career based on the skills they possess, it is very likely that they turn out to be job satisfied and are more productive as compared to those who have taken up a career without considering their skills.

An individual who takes up Skill Bases Career Test, will be able to understand the complete analysis of the self, they will be able to analyze their abilities and interest well and the report from the test will help the individual understand various career option that are available for them. On the other hand, if there lies any discrepancy between what the individual perceives of his/her career and what the report states for them they can have a one to one discussion with the counsellor to understand the reason for such discrepancy and how to proceed further in such a situation. The report and the counsellor will help the individual to make the best out of their career.

Psychometric Skill based career test comprises of 40 questions in total, that an individual needs to answer on the basis of his/her interest and abilities.

On the basis of the report obtained it can be understood well that will area of work will be best suitable for the individual as where they can work most productively and will be satisfied with their job.

The entire test has just one section which has questions related to real life situations where the individual needs to select from the option which is best suitable to them and should not give a much thought and should always go with the first answer that comes to their mind.

We usually ask the student to go by the first answer that comes to their mind as it helps to get a genuine report of the individual otherwise, the individual may end up giving socially desirable answers which may yield a bias report of the individual.

The report will yield the areas of interest in accordance with the skills and abilities an individual holds for that particular area, which will help them have a complete understanding about the career that they want to opt for and how it will be beneficial for them.

Psychometric Skill based career test and ideal career test are similar to each other as they will yield a result to help the person make an informed decision about their choice of career.

Both the test reveals the information about the career that best suits the individual and helps the person make a correct decision about the type of career they will enjoy the most.

A career is something that determines both physical and mental health of an individual. If the person is unable to make a correct decision regarding their career they tend to ruin their physical and mental health and can never derive a sense of satisfaction from their respective careers.

Though, both skill based career test and ideal career test have a similar use and are meant for the same purpose. The only difference lies is in the audience or the population that is made to take up this test. The people from the rural background who want to gain a knowledge about the type of vocational job that suits them the best take this skill based career test over the ideal career test.

The psychometric tests are standardized tests that are used in careerguide. When a test is made it is made sure that the test is Reliable which means the results that will be obtained from the test will be consistent over the period of time.

Secondly. The tests are valid that is the test measures what it claims to measure. While constructing the test it is made sure that various experts are interviewed while making the test. They are made to understand what exactly the test should comprise and what all factors need to be considered while making a test.

The important factors that are measured in the test are the Interest, the aptitude and the personality that a person holds towards the career choice.

There are 40 questions in total in the test which helps to assess the interest, the aptitude and assess how well the individual can deal in the given real life situations. Thus, it can be understood from the above description that the result that can be obtained from the test will be reliable for the student.

It is very well understood that no psychometric test is vague, they have originated from some pre-defined theories or concept.

These theories provides a theoretical framework to the test maker to have a pillar of support for the test they tend to develop.

The Psychometric Skill Based Career test is designed on the work or theory of John L. Holland, who defined choosing a career or a vocational on the basis of the personality that an individual possesses.

The Holland’s Theory refers to the theory which helps in determining the career and vocational choices of an individual. According, to John L. Holland the career of an individual is determined by categorizing the individual into six categories:
Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional. On the basis of these 6 categories the top two categories should be chosen as a career by the individual.

  • Realistic includes people who like to work with things and are more of an assertive and competitive individual. e.g. engineer, athlete etc.
  • Investigative includes people who like to work with the data, who like to think and observe and organize things well. E.g. lawyer, doctor etc.
  • Artistic includes people who are creative and like to work with ideas and are more of innovative people and are open to new experiences. E.g. model, fashion designer etc.
  • Social includes people who like to draw their satisfaction from the outside i.e. by interacting with the other people and are more of people oriented person. They prefer jobs or career which are people oriented. E.g. teacher, counsellor etc.
  • Enterprising includes people who are good at dealing with other people. They tend to good talkers. They value power and money. E.g. Architect, entrepreneur etc.
  • Conventional includes people who like to work according to the rules and regulations and prefer to work according to the predefined structure and do not prefer to work haphazardly. E.g. Accounting, Engineering etc.

Vocational is understood as a way of achieving a career where the person makes use of his/her innate abilities to determine the career of their choice.

It is known that everyone is different in terms of personality, abilities, financial status, educational qualification and other factors.

Therefore, every individual has a different way to opt for their respective career paths. A career which is based on the skills of the individual will help them get a job which will be satisfying enough for the person.

The RIASEC model by John L. Holland which is followed in this skill based career test help the person understand the area where their interest lies the most and understand the various areas of work which can be taken up by those as a profession or a career.