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I am having 14 year versatile experience in corporate, self employee and business field. Currently I am teaching Physics for NEET/ IIT and also doing BUSINESS parallel. Ping me only for below two categories. JUST 10TH PASSED: # Removing confusion of 10th passed students & parents. # Help to choose subject. # Show the future of subject. # Excel you performance in studies for any competitions (IIT / NEET / UPSC). PROFESSIONALS: # How to get 1st job. # How to cop-up corporate stress and take growth. # How to switch the job. # How to change an old profession to new. # Job to startup/Business switch. So ask me queries to remove your confusion.

Career Counsellor Adnan Buland

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Career counsellor Adnan Buland's Journey

Why did you choose to become a career counsellor?

I became the career counsellor because my life have been in a lot of stuggles and i have faced many difficulties in choosing the right path for myself throughout my life because of the one factor which is i never got the right guidance within the right period of time in my life which made me took so long in life to achieve the goals i always wanted for myself. This is what made me feel to choose this field of career guidance for myself so that no other child should face the problems which i did. They should get proper guidance with the right time and achieve their goals with right time.

What would you like to tell a student or a professional who comes to you for guidance?

When I do the counselling of a person I try to listen them very thoroughly I give focus on each and every line they say , I write what they say to make the pointers which really helps a lot in helping with the problem and with that I try to see each and every aspects of angles that is related to their problems and with the help of the Brain storming technique I try to make out a good effective solution to their problems which we can apply confidently on their matter of issue. I always try to empower or provide them the long term solutions for their problems so that they can apply them whenever they want to and I always ask them to keep updating me with the coming results so that if by chance sometimes if there will be a need to change the technique we could do that within the time and I will also provide them the feedback with the same. In starting I provide them more than one session and the sessions I keep in the beginning are longer as compared to the ending sessions the ending sessions gets shorter with the time.

What does a career session with you look like?

whenever I come across any query of any student or walking profession I always ask them this very first question that what is your passion. Do you know what passion do you follow Ente first see them being aware of their passion I personally support them into it and tell them to follow it. I give them a good way or the right direction to their passion so that they can achieve more success with it. spicy them that they are unaware about their passion I help them follow out in finding the passion but the person should never leave the work he she is doing till now. They should follow their passion along with their work once you find your passion you should always have to take that growing and if your passion starts helping you in generating your money. I help them in telling how they can switch parallelly to their passion and leave the recent work profession aside. I help people acquiring their new skills and with that how they can start their own start-up Parallely with the job. So basically I have solution for both students who have completed their 10th and what they should do after that. I also help job seekers to find a job for themselves and also for working professionals to help them growing more further.

Which tools do you use for career guidance?

The way a doctor asks a patient for the various tests so that he can find the cause exactly with the same pattern or technique a counsellor uses some tests and tools. So the very first test which I uses is personality test in which I find the personality of that person. Second test which I uses is a passion finder test through this the person who is unaware about their passion gets an idea of it and people who finds their passion as tough gets the solution with that. The third test is one of my favourite one which is ideal career test which is from career . I personally believe that every person one should give this test because through this test we get to know a lot through this with the help of this test we get to know in which subject we are good at and what skills we are good in and in which field we good in. If we are good in engineering then we should give the engineering selected test and in working profession we are good in. We always recommend the suitable profession to you with the help of this test. These two tests are conducted with the help of the career which is ideal career and particular subject or professional test. Rest two which is personality and passion finder tests these are conducted only and only conducted with me or through me

What is your success mantra in your life?

So the success mantra of my life is that before taking any decision in my life I take proper time and attention for that. I invest my money and use my sources only d only there where it is needed and important. After that once I’m clear with my decision and vison I tend to follow that with complete passion, I work in it so hard and study on that with the complete sincerity. Thankyou very much.

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