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Certified Career Counsellors will guide you about Undergraduate career & its pathway


Information & selection of the best college based on profile, location & preference


Entrance exams, admission forms, admission formalities with our expertise

"You Can Too!"

Just like 1000s of graduate students have made their dream career and been accepted in the dream college in abroad with the help of services from CareerGuide


Planning what to do after college has a significant impact on your immediate future as well as long-term goals. This decision gets difficult because there are several factors that impact it, such as interests, costs, opportunities etc.

Planning a Undergraduate degree from abroad involves a lot of careful consideration as students are now picking up a specialization in the field they want to make a career. Right from helping you find internships, formulating your resume to helping you ace admission in Top Universities, we do it all.

"12 Benefits of Study Abroad Undergraduate Program"

“We at CareerGuide.com realize that deciding the right branch & Undergrad college is too tricky for you. We provide you with 12 benefits and services to help you be the best out of the bestest and it will be easy for you to select the best Undergrad college and branch which suits your interest and make you confident about how to achieve them.

486 School Outline


  • Get a list of all the scholarships you can apply
  • It will be easy for you to fill scholarship form
245 Edit Document Outline


  • We will provide you a list of admission process of all the colleges
  • It will be easy for you to go through the admission guidelines
112 Book Morph Outline


  • We will help you about every document needed & help you arrange the document
E Book
471 Ebook Reader Outline


  • We will suggest you the activities that are lacking in your profile
  • Will will also suggest you some extra courses to enhance your profile and build strong resume
Student Loan
56 Document Outline


  • Get all the information about the student loan
  • It will help you get the scholarship
478 Computer Display Outline


  • Get Free Psychometric assessment worth Rs 50k
  • It will help you select the best branch for Undergraduation in Abroad
Dedicated Career
268 Avatar Man Outline


  • Our career expert will guide you via calls, video calls and WhatsApp.
  • There will be no restriction on no. of calls and they will clear all your doubts
Entrance Exam
35 Edit Outline


  • Our experts writers will sit with you, brain storm on the essay topics and personal statements
  • It will help you come up with a compelling write-up 
981 Consultation Outline
486 School Outline


  • Our Counsellor will help you in filling application form of colleges
  • It will be easy for you to fill your admission form correctly
27 Globe Outline


  • Get a visa application details 
  • They will help you get your visa application approved
Country Selection
18 Location Pin Outline


  • We will provide you all the details about the country & colleges
1918 City Hall Outline


  • Get list of Shortlisted Colleges on the basis of rank selection
  • It will help you find the best college

Become successful in your career!

Don’t miss any information, best college and your chance to shine out in your Career.


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Who Should Enroll?


Who Should Enroll?

Top Universities in Abroad

Here is a list of 100 Top Universities In Abroad

Rank 1 : Harvard University, Cambridge, USA – View more

Rank 2 : Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA – View more

Rank 3 : Stanford University, USA – View more

Rank 4 : California Institute of Technology, USA – View more

Rank 5 : University of Cambridge, UK – View more

Rank 6 : Princeton University, USA – View more

Rank 7 : University of Oxford, UK – View more

Rank 8 : Yale University, USA – View more

Rank 9 : The University of Chicago, USA – View more

Rank 10 : University of California – Berkeley Campus, USA – View more

Rank 11 : Columbia University, USA – View more

Rank 12 : University of Pennsylvania, USA – View more

Rank 13 : Rockefeller University, USA – View more

Rank 14 : Johns Hopkins University, USA – View more

Rank 15 : Cornell University, USA – View more

Rank 16 : University College London, UK – View more

Rank 17 : University of California – Los Angeles, USA – View more

Rank 18 : University of Michigan, USA – View more

Rank 19 : Duke University, USA – View more

Rank 20 : Northwestern University, USA – View more

Rank 21 : University of Toronto, Canada – View more

Rank 22 : University of Washington, USA – View more

Rank 23 : University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA – View more

Rank 24 : The University of Edinburgh, UK – View more

Rank 25 : University of California, San Diego, USA – View more

Rank 26 : King’s College London – View more

Rank 27 : New York University, USA – View more

Rank 28 : University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA – View more

Rank 29 : Carnegie Mellon University, USA – View more

Rank 30 : The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA – View more

Rank 31 : The University of Texas at Austin, USA – View more

Rank 32 : The University of Melbourne, Australia – View more

Rank 33 : The University of British Columbia, Canada – View more

Rank 34 : McGill University, Canada – View more

Rank 35 : Washington University in St. Louis, USA – View more

Rank 36 : University of Plymouth, UK – View more

Rank 37 : Australian National University, Australia – View more

Rank 38 : National University of Singapore – View more

Rank 39 : University of Bristol, UK – View more

Rank 40 : University of California, Santa Barbara, USA – View more

Rank 41 : Brown University, USA – View more

Rank 42 : Boston University, USA – View more

Rank 43 : University of Manchester, UK – View more

Rank 44 : University of California, Davis, USA – View more

Rank 45 : University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA – View more

Rank 46 : Georgia Institute of Technology, USA – View more

Rank 47 : The University of Queensland, Australia – View more

Rank 48 : Baylor College of Medicine, USA – View more

Rank 49 : Heidelberg University, Germany – View more

Rank 50 : Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany – View more

Rank 51 : University of Southern California, USA – View more

Rank 52 : London School of Economics and Political Science, UK – View more

Rank 53 : Rice University, USA – View more

Rank 54 : University of Pittsburgh, USA – View more

Rank 55 : Monash University, Australia – View more

Rank 56 : Pennsylvania State University-University Park, USA – View more

Rank 57 : Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – View more

Rank 58 : Purdue University, USA – View more

Rank 59 : The Ohio State University, USA – View more

Rank 60 : Mayo Medical School, USA – View more

Rank 61 : Technical University of Munich, Germany – View more

Rank 62 : University of Colorado Boulder, USA – View more

Rank 63 : University of Regensburg, Germany- View more

Rank 64 : Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA – View more

Rank 65 : University of Maryland, USA – View more

Rank 66 : University of California – Irvine Campus, USA – View more

Rank 67 : Emory University, USA – View more

Rank 68 : University of Glasgow, UK – View more

Rank 69 : The University of Sydney, Australia – View more

Rank 70 : University of Rochester, USA – View more

Rank 71 : Vanderbilt University, USA – View more

Rank 72 : The University of Sheffield, UK – View more

Rank 73 : Lehigh University, USA – View more

Rank 74 : Oregon Health and Science University, USA – View more

Rank 75 : University of New South Wales, Australia – View more

Rank 76 : Durham University, UK – View more

Rank 77 : Case Western Reserve University, USA – View more

Rank 78 : University of St Andrews, UK – View more

Rank 79 : University of Albany-SUNY, USA – View more

Rank 80 : University of Idaho, USA – View more

Rank 81 : Rutgers University, USA – View more

Rank 82 : McMaster University, Canada – View more

Rank 83 : University of Warwick, UK – View more

Rank 84 : University of Hull, UK – View more

Rank 85 : Philipps University of Marburg, Germany – View more

Rank 86 : George Mason University, USA – View more

Rank 87 : University of Leeds, UK – View more

Rank 88 : University of Virginia, USA – View more

Rank 89 : University of York, UK – View more

Rank 90 : University of New Hampshire, USA – View more

Rank 91 : University of Birmingham, UK – View more

Rank 92 : Tufts University, USA – View more

Rank 93 : University of Bayreuth, Germany – View more

Rank 94 : University of Nottingham, UK – View more

Rank 95 : Dartmouth College, USA – View more

Rank 96 : North Carolina State University, USA – View more

Rank 97 : Thomas Jefferson University, USA – View more

Rank 98 : University of Southampton, UK – View more

Rank 99 : Queen Mary University of London, UK – View more

Rank 100 : University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA – View more

Know how our Successful Students
look like

Our team of Certified Career Counsellor will help you select the perfect Undergrad college for you with your marks, location and preference. We will also provide you with complete information about our college, branches, departments, right specialization and career pathway and career prospects. CareerGuide work for a cause – To help the students identifying their interests and guide them towards bright career opportunities. The organization exercises cutting edge methodologies in design the personalized career roadmap of the students.

Success Stories

We helped many get on fast track. They can become your inspiration. 

Diksha Puri

saying something about CareerGuide
Sneha Rao
saying something about CareerGuide

Our Students are part of these
Colleges through our Guidance

Our Guidance have helped our students got admission to Best of the Universities and Colleges Abroad

8 Steps to Study Undergraduate in Abroad

Step 1

Step 1 – Choose to Study

Step 2

Step 2 –  Decide Course & Institution

Step 3 1 Prev Ui

Step 3 –  Check Entry Requirements & Visa

Step 4 Prev Ui

Step 4 –  Apply for the Course

Step 5

Step 5 –  Receive your eligible admission letter

Step 6 Prev Ui

Step 6 –  Decide your Final University


Step 7 –  Apply for your Visa


Step 8 –  Book your Accommodation & Flight


Let us help you give the right direction


Our Career Counsellor Network is

List of services  

Trusted By Thousands Of Students

Here is a glimpse of what CareerGuide.com has been awarded through the years for shaping 





International Women's Day Receipient -Tinder


ASU GSV Elite 200

Imresizer (4)

CEO with HR Orientation Award

Imresizer (4)

50 Fabulous Edutech Leaders - World Education Congress


Indian Education Award


FAME INDIA 25 Powerful Women Award

Imresizer (8)

BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Award

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Action For India Award

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Digital Women Award - SheTheTv


Microsoft Technology Excellence Award


National Education Excellence Award

Imresizer (5)

Assocham India Award

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Your Story 40 Women Entrepreneur

Frequently Ask Questions

List of Services are:

Free Psychometric Assessment

List of all the Scholarships

List of Admission Process of all Colleges

Documentation Requirements & Timeline Building

Profile Building

Shortlisted College list on basis of Rank

Dedicated Career Expert

Essay, LORs, SOPs

College Application Support

Visa Application Guidance

Student Loan Information

Country Selection

There are 12 benefits

BENEFIT 1 : Scolarship Guidance for All Top Colleges
BENEFIT 2: List of Admission Process of All colleges
BENEFIT 3: Document’s Related help
BENEFIT 4: We will suggest you the activities that are required for your profile building.
BENEFIT 5: Guide you For Student Loan
BENEFIT 6: Psychometric Assessment for selection 
BENEFIT 7: A dedicated Career Expert to answer your questions till college admissions
BENEFIT 8: Entrance Exam Details
BENEFIT 9: College Application Support 
BENEFIT 11: Visa Application Support 
BENEFIT 12: Help in Country selection


A student at a college or university who has not received a first and especially a bachelor’s degree. Other Words from undergraduate Example Sentences Learn More About undergraduate.

These best 10 college majors for the future hold promising career paths for students of today.
  • Physical Therapy.
  • Nursing. …
  • Construction Management. …
  • Electrical Engineering. …
  • Medical Technology. …
  • Medical Assistance. …
  • Chemical Engineering. …
  • Computer Information Systems. …

We do not take returns at this time, as mentioned in our Agreement. Every purchase is final. All fees are non-refundable.

  • Service is delivered over video calls, phone calls and WhatsApp chats
  • You will get access to dedicated certified career expert in Study Abroad
    Undergraduate in top 100 collages 
  • There is no restrictions on no. of calls you can make with your counsellor
  • You will have access to your career counsellors no and WhatsApp to discuss
  • We will arrange Psychometric Assessments to look at specialization and branch selections
  • We will provide guidance on entrance exams for different colleges
  • We will assist on the application process of exams and keeping them updated on dates
  • We will assist in the process of college admission and clarify any doubts.
  • We will share requirements, eligibilities of colleges and assist in the application process.
  • We will shortlist ideal colleges – create lists of BEST FIT colleges on basis of preference
  • We will share about future opportunities and post graduate options and career prospects.
  • We will guide on education loan requirements (If needed)

It costs only Rs. 20000, you can also get some coupon discount and we will help you find the best college in India.

CareerGuide is India’s top leading organization. We received many awards like BWEducation under40, International Women’s Day Receipient -Tinder, ASU GSV Elite 200, and many more. We helped 1000s of students to get admission in the best college.


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