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Career Advice from the Career Buddha

There’s a lot of career advice out there—blogs on how to schmooze your way to the top, articles on getting ahead, books on how to swim with the sharks and color your parachute or reinvent your career by ripping up your resume. Some are great and, well, some are not.

My work as a career coach and leadership advisor isn’t a job. It’s a calling. It’s my True Path. The career consulting practice I’ve built is based on the life of a Master who walked the Earth 2500 years ago.

 What I learned from the Buddha is to work on your humanity and the rest will follow.” I don’t believe in compartmentalizing your life and I don’t play any games.

 I want to help you clear out the undergrowth of doubt and self-obsession and become an invaluable member of the team; because work is about a combined effort to achieve goals. Yourjob can be deeply satisfying or it can be endless drudgery – depending on what you are willing to do and what you’re not.

I offer you the benefit of my 30+ years in business plus my 35 years as both a practising Buddhist and a volunteer leader in the SGI-USA Nichiren Buddhist community to bring a unique take on career counselling.

I’ve worked with thousands – and I mean thousands – of people. And I’ve learned from them, from the great teachers, and from my own experience about how to create a joyful, successful, and fulfilling work life.

That’s why my friends started calling me the Career Buddha. No, I’m not a fully enlightened being just ask my wife. But have done a lot of work on myself and helped many other people on their paths to career success. This commitment and dedication to being of service to others has led me to some timeless truths and wisdom that might be of benefit to you.

Whether I’m doing leadership coaching, strategy advising or career counseling, I come to the table with experience, insight, compassion, and clarity.

I can help you overcome obstacles and challenges in your career. And I can help you answer some of the most daunting questions you will face: what am I doing with my life? What is the right direction for my life? What career path should I pursue?

Career consultant, executive coach, career change advice expert, life direction navigator – I have been called many things. But titles mean little to me.

I simply want to help you gain fresh perspectives on your professional challenges, decisions and relationships-and help you improve the overall quality of your lives.

In a nutshell, you can call a uniquely effective job coach who offers career counselling in Seattle, WA to people all over the world.

Want to find out more about working with the Career Buddha?

Wishing you total success and fulfillment!


Marc Sachnoff

The Career Buddha

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